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Barcelona can be the same or different in a thousand of diverse faces that only an expert eye can distinguish. Then it means that you really know it. The most popular places in Barcelona end up being even the most frequented ones by travelers looking for a thrill or an emotion remembered and never found again, who are in love with it through a movie or just by some memories of a friend. Barcelona is surely all this but even more. Loose yourself in the narrow streets of the “Barrio Judio” in search of an hidden corner, cross far and wide the Raval, in search of your favourite tapas bar, or walk along the streets of the modernist Eixample, to feel the metropolitan dimension of this city, are just a few of the activities in which to get involved in the “Ciudad Condal”. Simply fooling around, enjoying the always spring-like climate, treat yourself to a day at the beach, lie down on the grass in the park, doing nothing … Go around for museums, visit the modernist houses, attend water fountains light shows to the rhythm of music, cool down in the Montjuic Park. Eat well, drink good wine, enjoy life …. “a disfrutar!” Looking at it from the top, the bottom, the side, from above and below. Dive in it, touch it, caress it. Go to the stadium, to the theater, to a concert, just a street show, an actor on the street, a musician, a living statue, a clown who wants to make you laugh. Streets, colors, tastes, smells, strong or soft, that pamper you as only a warm Mediterranean town can do. Go around it by tram, metro, bus, cable car, bike, skateboard, or rollerblades. In the morning, at sunrise, at sunset, in the afternoon or in the evening … the magic nights of Barcelona. Barcelona is yours, eat it, drink it, take it, look at it, rub it…. Barcelona is yours but, please, take care of it.

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